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Financial Advisor

Financial Advising:

Assess Yourself Now And Plan Your Future

Helping people build financial wellness and security is an issue we are very passionate about. 

Financial Advisement

We believe all hard-working people can achieve financial wellness. It is within their reach.

At LoTurco & Company we make it our personal obligation to encourage and provide guidance to our clients to achieve that security.

We begin by encouraging all our clients to conduct a financial review of themselves and/or their businesses. The review begins with a discussion, where together we survey your current situation — i.e. marital status, dependents, occupation, income, debts, mortgage, savings, etc.

We at LoTurco & Company are aware of the multitude of options available to people. We are able to guide you toward measures that are in your interest, be it identifying an immediate expense reduction, structuring achievable college savings for your children, or outlining a retirement income plan.

LoTurco & Company is the ideal firm to put you on the path to sound finances. Our three decades of experience have exposed us to all these possibilities, and the successes where we advised clients and implemented measures successfully.

We've done the accounting here and we are confident of what we can do for you.


  • Retirement Planning

    • Income Planning

    • Investment Withdrawal Strategies

    • Social Security Planning

  • Investing

    • Risk Management

    • Investment Consulting

    • Strategic Money Management

  • Business Strategies 

    • Business Succession

    • 401 K's

    • Simplified Employee Pension (SEPs)

  • Tax Planning

  • Insurance

    • Term & Whole Life

    • Asset Protection

    • Elder Care & Long-Term Care

    • Family Legacy

Financial Advisor
We Know Taxes.
Our firm has over 30 years of experience to meet your needs. The professional staff at LoTurco & Company are all experienced in accounting, taxation, and finance that may help bring about tax savings to you. 
Financial advisor

Financial Advisor

1040 Hempstead Turnpike # 20, Franklin Square, NY 11010

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